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How to Be Fully 'Suited and Booted' for a Job Interview

Posted by Alice
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First impressions are very important for a corporate job interview. It is always best to be overdressed than underdressed, as you don't want to be remembered for the wrong reasons. I am always explaining to candidates that they need to be 'fully suited and booted' for an interview, so I thought I would give a detailed explanation of what 'suited and booted, business attire or corporately presented' means.

For men:

  • A matching suit blazer and pants – I think black is always a safe option
  • A clean and ironed shirt – no bright colours or patterns
  • A tie – again nothing too busy or with patterns, tied properly
  • Black socks and black polished shoes
  • Ensure that your hair is neat and tidy
  • Remove any excess or heavy jewellery

For women:

  • A matching suit blazer and pants (or skirt), or a corporate dress
  • Ensure your skirt or dress sits on your knee
  • If you wear the suit pants or skirt, a clean and ironed shirt or blouse, nothing too revealing or low cut
  • Stockings (no holes or ladders) and a pair of polished, closed toe black heels
  • Ensure your hair is neat and tidy, tied back and out of your face
  • Corporate make up – no heavy eye liner or coloured eye shadow
  • A neutral nail colour (or no nail varnish to be safe)
  • No heavy or excess jewellery – remove all jewellery, including multiple ear piercings to be safe

Remember this is a job interview, not the runway!