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16 Reasons to Hire a Temp for Your Team

Mark Smith Posted by Mark
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Why on earth would you use a temp when you can hire permanent staff? Plenty of reasons! Here are a quick fire sixteen:

  1. The work doesn't wait to be completed. You get immediate help.

  2. Try before you buy! Check out your staff before you hire them permanently.

  3. Don't worry if you don't have approval for permanent staff; you can still get the job done by hiring a temp.

  4. Make sure you keep the wheels turning, even if someone is sick.

  5. When staff have annual leave, you can still ensure deadlines are met.

  6. If you know that your business goes in cycles, for example harvest season, you can manage your variable costs.

  7. Legislation requires you keep a job open for those staff taking parental leave. The easiest way is to hire a temp for the duration.

  8. That horrible job that just never gets done can be sorted out quickly with temp staff.

  9. Reward your best staff with project work while you get a temp to sort out the menial stuff.

  10. If you don't have the skills in house, then hire them in. For example, tax or digital design.

  11. Bogged down in a permanent recruitment process that takes months? A temp can solve the immediate problem while you secure the best permanent solution.

  12. Total cost versus the rate. By not having the right resources in house, the total cost of any project could be much more than the hourly rate for a temp.

  13. Outsource the risk associated with casual and temporary staff to an agency.

  14. Let an agency handle all the hassle of having your payroll processed. All you get is an invoice once a week.

  15. Support your inhouse talent with externally sourced skills. Just having the support can build team morale.

  16. Emergency! Have someone in the seat fast and ideally within the hour.

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