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When a Recruiter Calls YOU: How to Make a Good First Impression

Posted by Sally
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If a recruiter calls you, the interview process has already begun. Often candidates don't realise this, and a bad first impression on the phone is the biggest causal factor in you failing to secure an interview. Below are some tips to ensure you wow your recruiter into a face-to-face interview.

Answering the phone

As soon as you start applying for jobs, be prepared for recruiters to call you. This means answering in a clear and professional manner and only answering when you're free to do so. If you're at work or on public transport, don't answer, and call back when you are prepared.

Be prepared

Nothing sounds worse than when a recruiter calls about a role and the candidate clearly doesn't know which role they are referring to. Print off a list of the roles and responsibilities of those roles that you've applied for, and carry them with you at all times. It is difficult to remember all the positions you've applied for, but knowing the responsibilities and what motivated you to apply can make a world of difference.

Answering questions

Refer to the consultant by their name – it shows that you're listening – and answer with certainty. Know what you want when you apply; saying that you're 'happy to work anywhere' or 'don't mind about salary' isn't true, and recruiters know that. Bills have to be paid, and of course candidates think they'd be willing to travel anywhere for the perfect role, but if the role means driving over an hour with traffic, it stops being 'perfect' very quickly.

Demonstrate flexibility

Be available for interviews. Understandably, candidates may have work, but be available before and after hours or during lunch time. The recruiter will be calling several people for the same role, and a candidate will look far more appealing if they are flexible, compared to someone who doesn't appear to be trying to secure an interview.

Finally, show enthusiasm

Recruiters are very busy, so place the onus on yourself to call them and keep yourself in the know of how your application is going. The bottom line for doing well on the phone is to be prepared. If you want to secure a new role, show your motivation by knowing what you've applied for, answering the phone and questions clearly and confidently, and be flexible for future interviews!