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How to Choose between Multiple Job Offers

Christina Sclavos Posted by Christina
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What an ego stroke it is to receive multiple job offers when actively searching for a new role. The feeling of being wanted and sought after is something we all crave at one point or another. But where do you start? And how can you be sure you are making the right decision?! Reaching my fourth year in recruitment at people2people, I have sat with and coached a number of candidates. Most first-time job seekers are quite nervous about how the recruitment process works through an employment agency or unsure of what to expect. However, by identifying what is important to my candidates and what their key motivators are for seeking work in the first place, I can ensure I am fulfilling my duties in finding my candidates the right role. 

So, what should you do if you get multiple job offers? Write a list. That's right, it's that simple! It's about getting back to the basics. Make sure you have identified what your key motivators are for beginning the search for a new role. Whether it is a new environment, more challenging work, career progression and development, money (it is okay to admit this!) or even location, ensure you have prioritised these key factors that will ultimately play a role in a decision for you. 

This will allow you (or me, your future consultant!) to ensure any offers that you are considering align with what is essential to you moving forward. Change and a new role can be a scary thing! But by clarifying what is important to you, you can ensure you are making the right choice moving forward. Good luck!