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A Week of Work Experience with people2people

Posted by John
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People2people Team

Some people find work experience an exciting journey where they absorb all new different kinds of skills and knowledge. However, the other group of people find work experience a nerve-wracking experience where blinking your eye at just the wrong moment could lead to your future being disintegrated right in front of your eyes. With this in mind, I prepared for the worst as I made my way through the busy streets of the CBD. Upon arrival, I was greeted by Lisa, my work experience supervisor, and she showed me the essential parts of the office. 

Once I settled down at my workspace, I was assigned the task of merging data from people2people's database. This was a very repetitive job which I found quite boring after large amounts of time. After being in the office for a little while, I lost most of my nervousness and started to feel comfortable in the place. The workers within the building were all kind and friendly, which made my stereotypical thoughts of city workers sink into a great big pool of muck. From time to time, I would just sit back and listen to what was going on in the office. 

Everyone handled their job in a professional and calm manner. On some occasions, though, I could see passion burning some workers, as they showed their candidates who was boss. Another job I had was scanning files. Scanning files was a good chance for me to get away from my desk and to enjoy the great scenery that was opened up to me. During the next few days, I was privileged enough to observe some interviews that staff had with their clients. This was a great hands on experience which you wouldn't simply find in any educational textbooks. 

The fact that I was given the chance to listen to the candidate's tone and pay attention to their body language was a very astonishing experience for myself. All in all, the work environment at people2people was very warm and made me feel safe at work. The staff worked together perfectly, and they all treated one another with respect, no matter what sector they worked in. They were also very kind and focused on the company itself, rather than fighting each other for the highest rank in business. 

This manner of conduct is what I truly believe determines whether a company will be compatible and efficient or unsociable and contentious. Thank you to the staff and everyone involved in making it possible for me to undertake work experience at people2people's recruitment business. something most sixteen year olds wouldn't get. I have experienced what it's like to be in a focused work environment, which has also helped improve my interpersonal communication skills. Thanks for your help this week, Thomas!