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Which Game of Thrones Character Are You in Your Job Search?

Lisa Johnson Posted by Lisa
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This season of Game of Thrones has just come to an end, and it got me thinking...if the characters were job seekers, what would they be like?

Cersei Lannister

Thinks she is smarter than she actually is, tries to play little games and manipulates those around her to get a leg up.  Likely to end up in perdition for getting caught lying on her resume.

Sansa Stark

Thinks that she is entitled to the job she wants...because she wants it.  Likely to be rejected for her ideal role, the Sansa jobseeker will have to learn to stop blaming others for her lack of success.

Arya Stark

This candidate is one who appears, on paper, to have little skills and no experience.  But on meeting her, you are struck by her tenacity and ability to stick at a job.  Even the worst kinds of jobs.  This candidate is one who keeps her eye on the end prize and is willing to put in the work to get there.

Jaime Lannister

This candidate has gone far, based on his sunny good looks and charm.  Lacks depth and gets flustered when asked for detail on his experience.  However, underneath that facile charm is a nice guy who just might work out if given the right opportunity.

Tyrion Lannister

This is the candidate who is clearly the power behind the throne.  The workhorse, this candidate has spent years working late nights and resolving problem after problem, only to be overlooked for promotion every single time.  Prone to some bitterness, you know if you can convince him to keep his chin up and have a client respect his expertise, then you could see the beginning of a highly successful relationship.

Daenerys Tagaryen

The candidate who has been promoted beyond her skill level and is completely witless on what to do with herself.  Unwilling to take a step back to where her skills most appropriately lie, the Daenerys job seeker will demand management positions even though in her heart of hearts she knows she has no clue how to manage her way out of a paper bag.  Likely to be hated and adored in equal measure.  Think twice about placing into a role...unless you are willing to recruit talented advisers to actually do the work whilst making her look good.

Sam Tarly

Overlooked and undervalued, this candidate has a track record of never promoting himself and showing what he is capable of.  Terrified of confrontation, the Sam job seeker is shy and uncommunicative under pressure.  Perfectly suited to roles where he has little people interaction but can take pleasure in organising complex information quickly and effectively.  Likely to dress badly and interview even worse.

Ramsay Bolton

Charming and witty on first meeting, the Ramsay job seeker has no trouble landing a job.  But has trouble holding onto it when the psychopath starts to show.  If in a management position, the Ramsay candidate will have a reputation for churning staff at horrific levels and openly taking credit for others' ideas and success.  Beware – the Ramsay employee is a client's worst nightmare (unless they are looking to completely clear the a Mary Celeste kind of clearing of the decks). We see all of these characters in people we meet.  It's what keeps us hooked. Every day is like a Game of Thrones episode...but with more clothing, less bloodshed and more twisted plots. Which character are you?