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Congratulations to the First Winners of Our 2015 Footy Tipping Competition!

Posted by John
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people2people's annual Footy Tipping Competition is well under way this year, with a new look and several months of gripping footy action behind us. Our top tippers each week have been awarded with a bottle of wine or movie tickets. Meet our winners so far. Welcome back, Gary! A enthusiastic tipper in recent years, Gary Jeffrey is a Roosters fan who follows the form to decide which teams to tip each week. Having said that, the Roosters will always get his vote which periodically is his downfall. Gary was looking forward to using his movie vouchers to go and watch Fast and Furious 7!


Kristy Nelson is a massive fan of rugby league. She based her winning tips on which teams were successful last season, and she's also been following which players signed with which teams over the past twelve months. Her enthusiasm paid off, and she's won a pair of movie tickets!


Virginia Grais, who supports both Easts and Souths, was very surprised – but very pleased! – to win round two of p2p's Footy Tipping Competition. She was the winner of two movie tickets. Hope you enjoy, Virginia, and best of luck in the rest of the competition!


Congratulations to Teagan Perry - a fantastic win considering she is based in Perth, Western Australia and hasn't even seen a game before!


Congratulations to Cyrus Contractor from Nokia, another happy footy tipping winner. Cyrus is an all-rounder sports freak who really appreciated the movie tickets. When our consultant Michael Coetzee told Cyrus that he chose the movie tickets for him instead of the wine, he chuckled and said, 'That's good, because I like my whiskey.'


As a die-hard AFL Sydney Swans supporter, Barry Bruce traditionally doesn't take that much notice of the NRL, and, in his own words, 'won this round purely by pot luck.' Barry has been a people2people footy tipper for approximately three years now and jumped a sensational 170 spots to number 11 in the competition. 'Go the Swans!'


Matthew Young is yet another person who has won the weekly prize without being a fan of the NRL! Not swayed by team or loyalty. Congratulations, Matthew!


Mandy Smith was delighted to be the top tipper for the week. She backs Manly and follows them with a keen eye. A very happy camper to receive a bottle of red wine.


Broncos supporter Glenn Hopgood does his research before putting in his footy tips. He studies the team sheets and analyses 'who is in' and 'who is out' and assesses the 'game breakers in the team'. At number 3 in the competition after round nine, he is certainly one to watch.


Karen Watson from Hunt & Hunt Lawyers is another winner who chooses her tips randomly each week. It is usually a 'gut feel' decision based on the form of teams about twenty years ago when she passively followed rugby league. The decision to pick a margin of one in the Panthers game was based on a vague recollection that the Panthers often win games with a field goal or similar. Karen is another example of someone who doesn't have in depth knowledge of the game but is lucky and enjoys the fun of the tipping competition.


Placed by people2people, Richard crossed 'the ditch' three years ago to continue his career in Sydney and is hence a loyal Warrior fan. He believes his tipping success was purely a stroke of luck and was very much helped by the split round and only having to tip four games. Good luck Richard for the remainder of the season.


Congratulations to all of those who have won so far, and good luck to everyone in upcoming rounds!