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5 Winning Personality Traits That Will Make You a Top Job Candidate

Posted by Erin
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At the heart of recruitment lies the client/candidate 'date'. The interview, the day of reckoning. Often it's the candidate's skills that will get them in the door, but it's not their skills that will get them the job. Why? Because skills are not always unique. Yes, you need to have in-demand skills. Yes, you need to have a different value proposition to the next candidate, but if you both have the same skills and a similar level of experience, what is going to set you apart? It's YOU. It’s your PERSONALITY. Companies don't just hire skills; they hire personality. Here are five key personality traits that make you a top candidate:

1. Self motivated

The highest quality candidates that I meet on a weekly basis are very self motivated. They know what they want in life and what they want from their career. They have an innate sense of purpose, know their worth and set their own goals in life and work. They have a clear vision for themselves and relentlessly pursue success in every aspect of their life.

2. Intelligent communicator

Articulate candidates are perceptive. They listen well, internalise questions, think before they speak and produce intelligent answers. They incorporate humor, tone, direct references and examples effectively into their communication. They are focussed on their audience. They know what their audience is asking for, seeking or requesting, and they deliver it. They don't indulge in self satisfying 'waffle'. They are targeted, specific and approach conversations with a sprinkle of humour and humility.

3. Perceptive

Candidates that are perceptive are aware of their surroundings. They are constantly assessing their environment and the people that they speak with. They are highly self aware, but not necessarily hyper-sensitive in their reactions. They listen, observe and internalise, then they craft their responses accordingly.

4. High sense of urgency

Candidates with high energy levels are good for productivity, right? Yes. It’s a person's high sense of urgency that drives their energy levels. They are aware of the pace of their environment and move with it at great speed. This doesn't mean that they 'rush' work. It means that they move with a sense of purpose and direction at all times, not wafting from task to task. They are astute and temper this sense of urgency with a level of calmness and attention to detail.

5. Likeable

We spend a lot of time at work, and, quite frankly, most people want to work with people they like! What makes someone likeable? Well, it depends on what the other person likes, but in an interview, one aspect of likeability never changes. It's the ability to build rapport quickly with others. People who can do this find common ground, they empathise, they connect with others, they listen, they seek to understand others and are interested in them. They have a good sense of humour and a positive outlook on life. They are curious, and they are instantly likeable. If you know someone that has all five traits, along with quality, in demand skills, then chances are they are a top candidate. Maybe that top candidate is YOU.