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The Harder I Work, the Luckier I Get: The Truth about Recruitment

Lisa JohnsonPosted by Lisa
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Today, I received a comment on another post that got me thinking about one of the perceptions that persist out there in the world about recruiters and recruitment as an industry in general.  It's remarkable how many times I hear that we are 'lucky'.  

We even say it ourselves: 'We were lucky we found that candidate,' or, 'We were lucky that the line manager agreed to see the candidate yesterday afternoon before they accepted another job.' Well, I would like to say right here and now: luck has bugger all to do with what we do and how well we do it. It comes down to hard work.  

It's about getting to work before 7:30am so you can interview someone before they start their working day.  It's about not being able to eat between 12pm and 2pm because you have back to back interviews with people on their lunch break.  It's about not getting home until after 8pm some days, because you had to stay late and meet someone after they finished work.

It's about negotiating with a line manager over time to meet with you, so you can take a proper job brief.  

It's about learning to ask the right questions, so that you know the real motivation behind someone's job search.  

It's about having the maturity and strength of character to remain dignified and professional while someone is screaming at you down the phone, because you have had the temerity to tell them that they do not meet the line manager's requirements. It's about being empathetic with people who lack confidence and just need someone to listen to them and offer advice on how to move forward in their career. It's about being adamant with line managers who expect you to give them what they want for free. It's about resisting the urge to smack the next person who tells you that you are a parasite or scum. And the harder we work, the more credibility we have with our clients and our candidates.  We develop trust and respect.  

Clients will stick with us through thick and thin as we watch the career progression of our candidates with a quiet pleasure.  

The harder we work, the easier it is to identify the best talent for our hiring managers.  

The harder we work, the easier it is to present just one person to a line manager and have that introduction be successful. When I look at our recruitment team, I can see people who have been with our business straight out of university.  

I see people who have been with our business since the day we opened the front door in 2005.  

They are very good at what they do.  They have developed portfolios of loyal clients who trust them to be honest and transparent with what they do.  They aren't lucky people.  

They work very hard for the money.  

Ooh, look at that, I start off with Terry Pratchett and finish with a bit of Donna Summer.  Now THAT can only happen in recruitment!