Job Hunting Tips

The Fine Line between Proactive and Overeager in Your Job Search

Posted by John
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Everybody has that friend who gets over excited when it comes to being invited to a social event or even that cruise that you won for you and five of your mates. Quite often, that friend can be unsuccessful securing their place on the boat, when the real reason is...they are just too full on! There is a fine line between being proactive and on the pulse and being a little too eager when a certain job opportunity presents itself. 

A recruiter will always appreciate a constant flow of communication between themselves and their job seeker during the recruitment process, but having a little too much to say can have a negative effect on your ability to secure that role that you have set your heart on. One contributing factor behind this is desperation.  

A lot of people look for a new position when it is already too late, and they tend to panic. Looking for a role when time seems to be your enemy can not only lead to incorrect and hasty career decisions, but your overzealous side may make an unwelcome appearance. 

When considering a change of working environment, preparation can be your friend. Nobody likes to go grocery shopping when they are hungry, because, let's face it, you end up with a trolley full of items that you didn't really want (or really shouldn't eat!). The same can be said for job hunting. If you aren't currently working and you are frantically searching for one, you can end up with a role you didn't actually want. This fine line rears its ugly head in many areas of our lives, so if you see it, stay away from it and make sure you don't miss that boat.