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people2people Temp of the Month: Ebony

Posted by Jennika
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Meet Ebony, our Temp Of The Month for March! Ebony has been working in her temp role through people2people for the last six months and always receives great feedback from her managers. She works hard, is always keen to learn new skills and has become a valued member of her team. With cupcakes and movie tickets in tow, my colleague Arielle and I visited Ebony to give her the good news!What do you like about working in your current temp role?

This office has a really awesome environment. The people are so friendly and welcoming; we work hard but it is an easy going office. I felt settled within a few weeks of being here and definitely don't feel like just a temp.

What advice would you give to people thinking of getting into temp work?

I think they should do it! I have been telling all my friends to get into temp work. I think you get more variety; you get to experience different work environments and company styles. I had never worked in the public sector before and now I have – it is so different to the private sector, and I never would have had this experience without temping.

What work experience have you gained in this role?

Huge amounts. I think my communication skills have improved the most; I have learnt how to deal with people of all levels and also people looking at things from different angles. I had never done HR before, so I have learnt a lot. I also now know there really isn't a 'stupid question' – you might as well just ask!

How does people2people compare with other agencies you have worked with

people2people is very hands on – in a good way! You always check in to make sure everything is going well. From my first interview, I felt really welcome, and I like that people2people look outside of the types of roles listed on a candidate's CV to find them something that would suit them – that is how I ended up here.

You have scored yourself some free movie tickets. Who are you taking and what will you see?

I'll take my boyfriend – we both love going to the movies, so it will be good! Not sure what we will see yet. Maybe we will save them for a special occasion.

What is your favourite spot in Sydney?

Down in Pyrmont on the wharf, it is always pretty quiet, and you have uninterrupted views of the bridge! Besides a few people walking by with food, you have the area to yourself.

And your favourite food?

My immediate thought is nachos – but I'm going to go with chocolate!

Congratulations, Ebony! If you're looking for temp work or are looking to hire temps, get in touch with us by contacting 02 8270 9700.