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How NOT to Use Your Mobile Phone When Job Searching

Mark SmithPosted by Mark
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Summer in Sydney is fantastic. Bright skies, hot days and scores of beaches to choose from. Last weekend I took advantage of the brilliant weather and headed down to Bronte beach in Sydney's Eastern suburbs. Unfortunately, on this day, an east coast low had pushed the surf up, and the beach was closed because of a dangerous rip. Luckily, Bronte is blessed with an ocean pool, and on days like this it can be brilliant fun! With a big surf, the waves crash into the side of the pool. You can stand on the edge of the pool and hold onto a chain. It's a lot of fun but pretty hard to describe in words, so here is a picture:

So, why am I carrying on about beaches and surf on a recruitment agency blog? Here is the story. A guy – let's call him Eugene – who was obviously not a regular beach goer, was enjoying the big surf at the rope. In between sets, he turned and shouted over the roaring surf to the gathered crowd on the other side of the pool:

Eugene: Mate, can you please check my phone? Mate: What???! Eugene: [moving his hand up to his face] My phone.....can you find my phone? Mate: Oh… Where is it? Eugene: What????! Mate: Where is it?? Eugene: Under the towel. Mate: Got it! You have a missed call. Eugene: What's the number???? Mate: [raising his fingers to demonstrate the number to Eugene and the rest of the crowd] Oh, four, one, three, five… Eugene: Hold on mate…

The written word doesn't really do justice to the ridiculous nature of this conversation. Big surf, crashing waves, a crowd and someone checking their mobile. Just another example of where checking your phone is really inappropriate. There are plenty of posts on mobile phone etiquette, but here a few tips on how to use your mobile phone when job searching;

  • Make sure your voicemail message is simple and easily understood. Avoid novelty messages and having no voicemail at all.
  • Make sure your phone is turned off when you go to interview. It's an obvious one, but many people forget. Then if you know you have turned it off, check it. Again.
  • For the love of God, don't actually answer the phone in the interview. Don't!
  • Do not put your phone on the table when you are in an interview. It is perceived as invading the space of the interviewer and sends a message that the phone has undue importance.

...and finally, don't ask your mate to check your phone while wearing your ill fitting board shorts in front of 300 people while a raging surf crashes around you!