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And They Said It Wouldn't Last... people2people Celebrates 10 Years

Manda Milling Posted by Manda
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People2people Stride Awards 2020

Over a cup of tea in late 2004, people2people was hatched and born. From a few old work mates sitting around a table, to a thriving business with over fifty staff in four offices over three states, people2people celebrated ten years of business on 1 February 2015. There were five of us on that day in February 2005, and we are all still here. Along the way, we have trained graduates who are now managers, moved offices, set up offices, waved goodbye and said hello to a lot of people, and survived the GFC.  We have had relationships, marriages and babies, all as a direct result of working at people2people. 

Membership to our five year longevity group has grown to seventeen members, and we have welcomed back colleagues from previous employers, as well as former employees of people2people. So, yes, this is a bit of a pat on the back, but we are also enormously privileged to have assisted both clients and candidates alike with their employment needs and requirements. 

Irrespective of whether we have been working with them for over twenty years or twenty minutes, we understand that we do have an impact on people's working lives. And whilst realistically it's impossible to assist everyone, the fact that we have continuing loyal and repeat business from our candidates and clients and the fact that we are still here must count for something. 

So thank you sincerely to you all for your support. We now just have to ensure that the next ten years are even more successful.