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How Many Recruitment Agencies Should I Engage?

Posted by John
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One of the most common questions I get asked in a candidate interview is, 'With how many recruitment agencies should I sign up?' Now, the choice is really up to the individual candidate, and there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to agency sign ups, but my recommendation would be to register with two or three. I definitely wouldn't recommend signing up with more than you can count on one hand! And here are the reasons why:

1. Once you have registered with an agency, communication is a two way street. While it is your recruiter's responsibility to call when a role that is suitable becomes available, it is equally important that candidates call to check in with their recruiter and let them know they are still active. The fewer agencies you register with, the fewer people you have to call to check in or notify when your situation changes.

2. Recruitment is all about relationships and building rapport. The stronger relationship you have with your recruiter, the more likely you are to spring to their minds when a role becomes available. We recruiters are only human, and the people we talk to more regularly are going to find themselves higher up the call list.

3. No one wants to burn bridges. When you are looking for work, it sounds like it would be a dream come true to have job offers coming in from left, right and centre! However, I am in the temp world – commitment to an assignment is key, and candidates leaving roles early does not make for happy recruiters. If you are registered with multiple agencies, you may receive an offer from one while you are working in a role for another. While the opportunity may sound tempting, jumping from one role to the next before the assignment is finished will only leave a trail of angry recruiters in your wake, not willing to help you with your future job search.

4. Not all agencies are able to help you. Sydney is one of the most densely populated cities for recruitment agencies, so do your research. Look at what firms specialise in, look at what they are advertising online and make sure they are the right agency for you.

5. The fewer agencies you visit, the fewer forms to fill out!

Registering with agencies is really about balance. You want to ensure you have signed up with enough agencies that you do secure work, while making sure the amount of relationships you have is manageable. A few other hints and tips: if you are sending an email, make sure you address your recruiter by the right name (this is obviously important in general, but even more so if you have multiple people you are dealing with!), and don't send a bulk email to all of your consultants; at least have the courtesy to BCC us into the email. We understand that our candidates are registering with other agencies, but, just like when you are in the early stages of dating someone new, we don't want it flaunted in our faces that we may not be the only recruiters in our candidate's lives!