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The Biggest Signs It's Time to Look for a New Job

Posted by John
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If those spam shopping emails is the excitement of your work day and you are doing the coffee run for anyone in the office just to get away from your desk, then it may well be time to adopt the 'New Year, New Start' mentality and begin 2015 with a bang. Not wanting to sound too much like Taylor Swift, it is time to shake it off and start again. Let's find a new job!  Apart from the more obvious signs that it's time to move – like having SEEK as your homepage and your recruiter on speed dial – here are a few things to look out for.

Bad mornings

No one likes a Monday morning. The weekend glow is gone, and you realise you have five days ahead until you get that next sleep in. But if every morning is starting to feel like a Monday morning, in winter, when it's raining, then it may be time to find something new. Something that makes most mornings feel like a Friday in December, when the sun is out to play.

Interaction with colleagues is at an all-time low

You used to be the social butterfly. The one person that people would visit on their way to the water cooler to get the low down on what's happening. You were the kingpin of Friday work drinks and would never miss an opportunity to hang out with your colleagues out of the office. A tell tale sign that you may need to make a change is pulling back from the social scene at work, no longer engaging with colleagues you used to love a good natter with, and becoming less engaged with your work environment.

'Right now' becomes 'In a minute'

I like work to be busy! I love working on new projects and having different tasks thrown at me from all directions. I generally feel enthused and look forward to getting my teeth stuck in to new projects as soon as they are set. But if your motivation is starting to wane and your automatic response to new tasks is, 'I can’t be bothered,' or 'I'll do that in a minute/when I get to it/maybe next week if I feel like it,' then it's time to make a change and find something gives you that 'right now' attitude.

Work is starting to affect your health

Feelings of being exhausted or stressed on top of regular headaches and mood swings that would give Jekyll and Hyde a run for their money are key indicators that your work life is affecting your health. Whether it's from working lots of overtime, pushing yourself to the max while on the job, or simply feeling negative and not enjoying what you are doing, health is your most important asset, and it is not worth being in a role that is making you unwell or unhappy.

So many skills, so little responsibility

I would say that nearly every person likes to feel useful and that their skill set is being utilised. I understand the job market can be difficult and sometimes you do have to take a role that you can do with your eyes closed and standing on your head – which is fine in the short term! But long term, you want your managers to tap into your potential, make use of those whizz bang maths skills or your super geek knowledge of Adobe Photoshop! Find a role that challenges you!