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Do You Want Fries with That? Hiring a Temp between Permanent Employees

Mark Smith Posted by Mark
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So you've had an employee resign. It was definitely a surprise, and the fact that they had to leave within a week certainly has put the pressure on you and your business to find a replacement. You are not sure whether to use an agency or not, but you definitely want to try to find someone yourself through your own sources, including your network and possibly running an ad on a job board. …but all this is going to take time. 

The solution that the team at people2people always offer (like offering fries with a burger) is to ask whether our clients need a temporary resource while they recruit permanently. It seems like a simple concept that everyone would consider, but often the idea of short term, on hired talent is overlooked, particularly when things are busy and the pressure is on to hire a permanent replacement. The biggest advantage of hiring a temp in these circumstances is simply the time that this buys you to get the best person for the role. This not only means finding the best talent, but it also gives you time to consider the way you do things. 

A staff change can be a catalyst for systems and process improvements, improvements that may require a different skill set, not simply a replacement of the previous staff.  You may very well find that you gain a set of skills not initially expected, which your on hired temp staff member possesses, initiates change or it becomes clear that the temp IS the best person for the permanent role. Of course, there are costs to hiring a temp. There is the rate, of course.  

I have explained temp rates in more detail here. There are also costs associated with training of the temp staff. This is unavoidable, but by working with an experienced temp recruiter and providing a comprehensive brief, you should be able to avoid or at least keep these costs to a minimum. So next time you have that surprise resignation, make sure you give yourself time to make an informed hire by getting fries with your burger – a quality temporary member of staff while you recruit permanently, through an agency or your own network.