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What Temps Need to Know during the Christmas Season

Lisa Johnson Posted by Lisa
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Dear temp, You are right. You are not the same as the permanent employees.  I know that sometimes it feels like you are left out of things or are not considered part of the team, but this is because you're not.  You are there to solve a problem.  You are there to do a job that either nobody else can do or has the time to do, and the client is actually very grateful that you are there to do the work. Please don't be upset if you are not invited to the Christmas party or out to lunch when the 'team' goes out. It's not that they don't like you; it's just that you are there to do a job and you need to get on and do it.  

It’s a bit hard watching everyone in high spirits, as they head off to lunch or swap their Secret Santa gifts, and it's a tough reminder that you are there for a short time... but it's not all bad. Remember, you can do the work and leave at the end of the day with a good conscience, knowing that you genuinely added value to that organisation today.  You know this because they are paying good money for your services.  

You are not the cheap, second best option; you are expensive and they have invested in your skills and talent because they need them. 

What Temps Need to Know during the Christmas Season

You ARE valued, and you are important.  And whilst this doesn't mean you get invited to the Christmas party and get to drink glasses of bubbly in your nicest party gear, it does mean that someone is investing in you. Don't be upset if people are offhand with you or if they don't include you in discussions about their holiday plans.   Many employees in the companies in which you are temping don't understand your role or don't understand where you fit, and, in their awkwardness, they sometimes find it easier to just keep you on the fringes of the team.  This is okay.  

You are not there to be a grand social hit or to be everyone's new best buddy.  You are there to solve a problem.  Smile to yourself and remember you are getting paid for every hour you work. So thank you, dear temp. I know it might seem that the efforts you have put in this year have gone unnoticed and unthanked, but know that there are people who are very grateful for the work you do, the hours you put in, the improvements you have made, the deadlines that were met and the panic that was averted. We look forward to working with you in the upcoming year and having more of your help in averting even more crises!