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Should I Interview Someone for a Short Term Temp Job?

Mark Smith Posted by Mark
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It's just one of those days (usually first thing on a Monday morning). The office receptionist has called in sick, and the MD has a major mail campaign she wants completed by the close of business. You need some help. You call your preferred recruitment agency (people2people of course!) to help you out. Many companies who have never used temporary staff before, or individuals thrown into a new situation such as this, are unsure of what is considered to be best practice. Often it is assumed that if you are hiring someone, then you must interview them first. This is certainly not the case. 

The best agencies will be building and  managing a pool of immediately available talent. Their business is to be able to respond to your needs quickly. The talent will have been screened, interviewed and tested prior to your call. References, in most instances, will also have been obtained, and, in many cases, the agency will have available proven talent who has worked elsewhere for their other clients. 

Temporary staff are available to provide a solution to a short term staffing problem. For very short term roles (in my experience, these are roles of less than three months duration), you should be able to rely on the agency to have done their job properly. As a form of 'insurance', to give you some peace of mind, make sure you negotiate a guarantee with the recruitment consultant. This is often the case with new clients at people2people. Once trust is established, this is not necessary. Negotiate a one day guarantee, so you won't be charged should things not work out. To get the best talent for these short term roles, you will need to be able to give a comprehensive brief to the consultant on the phone.

Have to hand the length of the assignment, key tasks, at least three absolutely essential skills and, of course, your budget.  Ask the consultant to read back to you your specifications and confirm a likely rate and guarantee. The consultant should then provide you with a time frame in which they will respond with the best available talent. When the consultant calls back with the recommended candidate, make sure you they articulate to you the specific experience, in response to your brief, including both the 'soft' and 'hard' skills of the candidate. 

Ask the consultant if the candidate has worked for their agency previously, and, if not, ask them to read you their references and then to forwarded those references to you. people2people routinely records our references, so we usually send a link so you can personally listen to the reference first hand. Working with a good recruitment agency who effectively manages a talent pool will save you time and money. You should not have to interview for (and therefore delay) short term temporary contracts. When you next have 'one of those days', a solution is only a telephone call away. The reception is covered, and you have hired in some time to get the mail out campaign sorted for the MD with a minimum of fuss and disruption.