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What Time Should I Arrive for a Job Interview?

Posted by John
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Good news! You have an interview locked in for 10 am. Now, while the fact that it's at 10 am is a simple and practical detail in comparison to getting your head wrapped around the job description or the company you are going to see, it is still really important. Most obviously, you want to check your transport links to make sure you have plenty of time to reach your destination. Also, you always want to have a transport plan B in case there is a freak alien invasion and all trains have been halted. But, less obviously, and something I get asked a lot by candidates, is what time to head into the company reception. My recommendation is to head in no more than five minutes before your interview time – in this case, 9:55 am. If, like me, you like to be punctual and want to highlight this great trait by arriving early for your interview, then cutting it fine will push your boundaries of what's comfortable. 

But trust me: it's the right thing to do. Employers have busy diaries and have set aside the time to meet with you at a specific time. They would have planned their morning workload around meeting you at that time or may have other things scheduled around it. You don't want to arrive early, catch your boss-to-be off guard. and then, because they feel obligated to see you sooner, the interview begins on a slightly flustered note. 

Equally, of course, whatever you do, do not arrive late. If it were me, I would make sure I was in the area fifteen minutes before my interview so I could relax knowing that I was a stone's throw away when the time comes to head in. Take a walk around the block, grab a coffee and just remember, fight all instincts to head in fifteen minutes early. You will still highlight your punctuality by heading in minutes before the interview, but you will also show that you can follow a simple instruction: an interview at an allocated time.