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7 of the Worst Calls Recruitment Agencies Receive

Kim Padmore Posted by Kim
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When we speak to hundreds of people each day, it's inevitable that a few calls come through that are a little light on information. Here are some repeat offenders and examples of how not to call a recruitment agency.

'Hi, I'm calling about the job!'

We are a recruitment agency; we would definitely be out of business if we only had one vacancy to work with. Please try to narrow it down for us. Tell us who you are, the specific role you are inquiring about and what your questions are. It also means we can put you through to the correct person if we have to transfer your call.

'Hi, how are you?'

Whilst you may think this is polite (and I know that if you are nervous, you may use this as an ice breaker), we don't know who you are and why you are asking about our well-being! Please announce your name and why you are calling. It also means we can get down to the business of your call quicker.

'Hi, it's Mary!'

We meet hundreds of candidate every year, so, whilst we would love to be able to keep a track of everyone by their first name, it's extremely difficult. Please help us out and provide your last name too.

'Hi, no, sorry, I can't talk.'

If you are the one making the call, then please ensure you are able to speak freely. We are likely to ask you some detailed questions about your background. If you need to, please go to a quiet room and call when you have time to speak.

'Hi, I'm just following up on the application I sent through a couple of minutes ago.'

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we aren't able to check applications immediately. We may also be out of the office or conducting interviews, so you will need to give us time to review your resume and come back to you within a specified time frame. If you haven't heard within a day or two, feel free to follow up with a call.

'Hi, can I make an appointment with you today?'

As much as we would love to meet everyone who calls through, unfortunately, that's not the way we work. We will only schedule people in for interviews who we have phone screened thoroughly and can then consider for a particular position. There is no point in you rearranging your own schedule to come in just to discover we can't assist you.  Make sure you introduce yourself first, and if you are unsure of the recruitment process, please ask us, and we will happily explain.

'Hi, I'm looking for a role in Western Sydney as a legal secretary and have x, y, z experience…and the reason I'm looking for work is... and... and...'

Just let me stop you there. If you are ringing a general switch number, you don’t have to give a huge amount of information, just the basics. Type of role, temp or perm, location and then ask to be put through to the appropriate person. It will prevent you from having to repeat your story when transferred to the specialist consultant.