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Meet people2people: Manda Milling

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Meet People2people Manda Milling

Today's featured Meet people2people team member is Director Manda Milling, also a frequent contributor to the p2p blog as the author of our regular Ask Manda column. Manda began her accounting career in 1988 with Carpenter Owens (now Pitcher Partners) completing her B. Bus (Accounting and Business Law). In 1994, Manda joined the recruitment industry and for 10 years recruited permanent accounting staff and managed the accounting recruitment team. Moving to the business support discipline, Manda managed and established the permanent business support division with people2people. Working with her fellow directors since 1994, Manda is a joint founder of people2people. Manda is a member of the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (MRCSA) and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD). How did you start working in recruitment ?

I was an accountant working with a multinational engineering group, and I was at a crossroads. I just didn't know what else I wanted to do. I just so happened to see an advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald (a paper one, which I still have) for a recruitment consultant, which had been placed by Recruitment Solutions. It had the bullet point,  'would suit a frustrated accountant', so it just clicked with me. That was in 1994.

What’s the most interesting role you've recruited?

It was for a chief financial officer with a major charity. What made it so interesting was the calibre of applicants who wanted to get out of the 'ivory tower' and apply their skills in a not for profit environment. This was quite unusual in the late 1990s, and I found talking to these candidates and their motivations for applying fascinating. It was a privilege meeting them all. Suffice to say, my interviews went considerably overtime.

What's your most valuable interview tip?

Asking your interviewer, 'What motivated you to join the company?' It's a great way to wrap up the end of an interview if you don’t have any more questions to ask and to get to know your interviewer as a person and not just a potential manager.

What is the most interesting Twitter account you’re following?

Other than @people2people, of course, two recruitment Twitter accounts I follow are @rossclennett and @greg_savage, which are always interesting, and for fun, @TheMotherRunner, which also has a great website for running tragics.

Tell us something about yourself most people wouldn't know.

I am a trained singer who has had a (legitimate golf) hole in one.

Keep in touch with Manda by following her on Twitter @p2pManda, or read her posts on the p2p blog here.