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Bah Humbug! I'm Not Interested in a Fun Work Environment!

Mark Smith Posted by Mark
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One of the best questions I ask clients when they are looking to hire is, 'Why would the best talent want to work for you or your company?' Inevitably, the answer is something like, 'We have a great culture,' or, 'It's a fun place to work.' Both are intangible and very hard to define. Interestingly, U.S. company Software Advice, an online resource for HR & recruiting technology, surveyed 886 American adults, trying to learn how employees describe their company culture. . The top three results were 'Casual/relaxed', 'Family oriented', and 'Fun'.

Once SoftwareAdvice knew how people described their culture, they asked which of the top five results would convince them to apply for a role. ...and it seems that having a fun place to work is not as appealing as first thought. So put away the balloons! Honesty and transparency, not surprisingly, will attract talent to apply for your role.

Company culture is hard to articulate. The best advice I can give to hiring managers is to think about the behaviours of your best talent that are currently in the team. Remember also that teams have a variety of people; you don't want to hire clones. A quick list of the key competencies of the three best people in your team will describe your culture. The likelihood that honesty and transparency are on that list, I would like to suggest, would be pretty high. So, next time you are trying to articulate your culture to attract the best talent, start with transparency and honesty.