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Take Heed of Resume Advice. We're Just Trying to Help!

Posted by John
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No one likes being told they should do things differently – especially by someone they have spoken to for all of two minutes. But in the world of recruitment, especially around resume advice, not everyone wants to listen to our advice and resume tips, and we wish they would. We are really trying to help! Some people become quite defensive, explaining why they wrote what they wrote on their resume, insisting that it landed them their dream job in the past. That is great, and of course I am pleased that they have enjoyed that success. However, they aren't in their dream job now – they have contacted us looking for work, and we are trying to give the advice that will help them in the current job market. 

Remember that, as recruiters, we review hundreds of resumes a week, and, most recently, a people2people consultant received 550 resumes for just one role. So while I certainly wouldn't call us world experts, I do believe we have a pretty good idea of some really simple and useful dos and don’ts. We don't take time out to give advice to candidates because we enjoy being critical; we do it to help improve your chances of getting a job. It's in your own interests that the criticism is constructive. I took my first baby steps into the job market back in the UK, and, now, being in a recruitment role in Sydney, I see firsthand the differences in resume writing between Australians and working holiday makers from overseas.  

Neither version is necessarily better than the other, but the styles and what employers are looking for in a CV are different. In Australia, the preference is for a bullet-pointed CV. It's highly recommended that the paragraphs, tables and multicoloured fonts are ditched– keep it clean! So, just remember: if you are speaking with a recruiter and they are giving you some resume or interview advice, please don't immediately become defensive. Instead, listen to what they have to say. They may just be giving you that piece of advice that will get you over the line for your next dream role.