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Meet people2people: Sam Palmer

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To continue our Meet people2people series, we're talking to people2people Consultant, Temporary Legal Services, Sam Palmer. From East London, Sam started his working life as an electrician before moving in 2003 to the retail sector as a prestige car salesman, where he spent eight years. Sam managed a team of three and was responsible for all sales and the importing and exporting of luxury vehicles. Arriving in Sydney in early 2011, Sam joined people2people and specialises in the recruitment of temporary legal support staff to legal firms and in house legal teams for a variety of international companies. What's the most rewarding part of your job?

I love the fast paced style of a temp desk. I like resolving problems quickly and having to juggle multiple jobs at once. I'm a very competitive person, so I also love beating targets and earning commission.

What's one piece of advice you would give to employers looking for staff?

Listen to a consultant and let them do their job of consulting. Sometimes the best person on paper is not the best person for a job. Within legal, there is a very small number of good quality candidates on the market at one time, so firms can miss out on outstanding people by not letting a consultant explain the candidates' strengths.

What do you think makes people2people different?

I think the difference with people2people is that consultants are given lots of training and help when needed. Junior consultants are not thrown into the deep end and expected to produce results on day one. Instead, you are taught the importance of building relationships with clients/candidates, and obviously this takes time. I also love that our directors are still in the office, so if they are needed for help, you can go and talk about it with them rather than through emails or a secretary.

What’s your favourite spot in Sydney?

I like Redleaf Pool on a hot day.

Tell us something about yourself most people wouldn't know.

I once played piano with Lionel Richie.

If you are looking for a legal support job or would like to hire staff, get in touch with Sam Palmer by calling 02 8270 9733, following him on Twitter @p2pSamP or emailing