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Announcing the Final Winners of the 2014 people2people Footy Tipping Competition

Mark Smith Posted by Mark
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As the Rabbitohs and Bulldogs head to the NRL Grand Final this weekend, the ninth annual people2people Footy Tipping Competition has come to a close. More than 650 participants have competed week to week for the past six months, and we'd like to congratulate our top three tippers, Michael Fisher, Greg Sernack, and Rosemary Barnes!

A well-deserved victory! Michael has proven to be a very consistent performer this year and has earned first prize, despite not using his wild cards as well as the others at the top end of the table did. It would appear those hours spent hanging around airports are well occupied in studying the NRL form.

Roosters fan Greg Sernack won second prize in people2people's 2014 footy tipping competition. Greg takes tipping seriously and does his research, logs onto the NRL sites, watches the tipping market and calculates the odds before posting his tips.  He has improved considerably, coming 213th in people2people's tipping competition last year. He has always been a keen tipper and actually won a work footy tipping competition some years back when working for a previous employer. Greg doesn't make assumptions when tipping. 'When a team has won in the previous week, I don't ever assume that they are going to win the following week.' Greg calculates match fitness, key performance indicators and looks the starting thirteen when tipping. Well done, Greg. You are surely one to watch next year.

Footy tipping is a family affair for Rosemary Barnes, the lucky winner of third place in our 2014 tipping competition. The weekly tips were a mutual effort between her and husband, and her daughter Lisa has happily accepted the flight vouchers prize on her behalf! Rosemary doesn't have a winning formula – she said it's really been lots of good luck. It just goes to show you have to be in it to win it! Beyond the top three finishers, here are some of the weekly scorers in the final weeks of the tournament:

An avid footy fan, Rajneel has not had much success in any tipping comps of late. After becoming a coach's partner for the Parramatta Eels in 2014, his luck changed, and Rajneel was the winner for week 21. Congratulations, Rajneel, and good luck with your tipping in the future.

Constantly competing with her husband, Charmaine is taking this opportunity to claim bragging rights after her perfect score in round 23. Let's hope the good tipping continues into 2015.

Malcolm certainly deserves to win the footy tipping contest – he is one of our favourite clients, but, as he is such a good bloke, he rarely loses staff, so we hardly ever get to help him!

A loyal client from JLL, Ray is a 'go with the gut' footy tipper. As our weekly winner for the last week of the season, Ray's strategy clearly paid dividends, as he also finished 6th on the overall competition ladder – very impressive! Congratulations, Ray! Enjoy the movies. We look forward to seeing how you go in 2015. Thanks to all those who participated in people2people's 2014 Footy Tipping Competition! We'll see you in 2015!