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13 Job Application Fails We Can Barely Believe

Lisa Johnson Posted by Lisa
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We previously posted about some of the biggest application fails we've observed, and the madness keeps happening… crazy things that people put in their resume.  Enjoy these real outtakes from applications over the past few months. 'Occupation: I love people for a living'

Say what?  I spent a good deal of time trying to work out what this meant.  I still have no clue, but the mind boggles.

'Key to success: ambition, enthusiasm, strategy and sweat'

Pass the applicant some deodorant.

'Listening to quite music'

Poor kid, spell check would never pick this one up, but it raised a giggle with me.  I can only assume that this person listens to the current Billboard Top 40 – that is almost quite music.

'Hobbies & interests: gossiping...'

Oh yeah, the office gossip.  Interestingly, I have never had a client ask for someone who likes to spend time around the water cooler talking about the fat thighs on the girl from account.  In fact, I think most clients would rather eat their own liver than knowingly employ a gossip.

'Hobbies & interests: internet surfing…'

Danger, Will Robinson!  This applicant is probably going to get at least one warning for cruising the internet on work time.  Lets hope that the surfing did not include porn, gambling or psychic websites.

[applicant name] – 'A MAN IN DEMAND'

Ok then…

On resume under sporting activity: 'Dungeons and Dragons'

Now that would be thrilling Friday night viewing…

An application for a sales role:  'I have a touch typing speed of 25 words a minute'

First, few sales roles have touch typing as a competency; sales is usually about talking to people.  And secondly, 25 words per minute?  What did you do, take a break mid test and make a coffee?

One candidate uploaded their electricity bill instead of their resume.

Although this did lead to an interesting conversation in the office about the price of electricity.

'Resume – [applicant name]’s Real Resume'

Oh good, you sent in the real one.  Although I now want to see the fake one to see if it's more interesting.

'Interests: Playing app games. I am already on level 60 of Candy Crush.'

For crying out loud!  Candy Crush is so last year!

'About thirteen (15) years experience'

Yes because 15 is about 13 right?

'Do you have any jobs paying over $50k that don’t require an interview with the company?  I don’t care for interviews.'

Oh sure.  Employers are over the interview thing themselves.  They have moved onto the Running Man style of recruitment.  All you have to do is out run the other applicants while you are being hunted by big game hunters.  If you are the last one standing, you get the job.  No interview needed!

Hope you enjoyed these real life examples of application fails.  Although, to be fair, some of these would have made us giggle but not necessarily count them out of the process.  But be careful with your resumes – we DO read them, and if you have blatantly stupid things in them, we are going to think twice before progressing you through to the next stage. Right, I am off. Am stuck on level 59 of Candy Crush. Must make it to level 60.