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Why Becoming a Legal Secretary Could Be Your Best Career Move

Kim Padmore Posted by Kim
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Looking to start your career or need a change of industry? Working as a legal secretary is an excellent career option for these reasons:

Career Prospects

There are many career prospects and a large variety of career development opportunities within the legal industry. Build on your skill set and step up to work as a personal assistant/executive assistant, secretarial coordinator, human resources coordinator or even practice manager. Having a legal background also gives you a great foundation to move into other industries, as employers recognise that working within the legal industry requires you to work within particular standards and codes.

Competitive Salaries

Because of these standards, the legal industry remunerates very competitively in comparison to administrative roles in other industries. As an experienced legal secretary, you may even have the potential to earn up to $80,000 package in the 2014 market.

Benefits and Incentives

Many law firms offer great incentives and benefits for their staff, such as health discounts, participation in sporting teams, social events, team drinks, lunches, bonuses and flexible working arrangements.

Personal Development

Due to the demanding deadlines and the high degree of accuracy required for legal documents, you will have the opportunity to develop your time management, attention to detail and organisational skills. These are skills that you can take with you and apply to your everyday life. These are just a few of the benefits of working as a legal secretary. For more information, please call me on (02) 8270 9770.