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Ask Manda: What to Expect in a Recruiter Interview

Manda Milling Posted by Manda
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I haven’t been into a recruitment agency before. What can I expect?

Even though a lot of the administrative requirements can be completed online, face to face interviews are still an integral part of the recruitment process. People still work with people! Whilst each recruitment agency will have their own specific steps for this process, most agencies will be following a similar procedure.  When you arrive at people2people, we will ask you for some ID, evidence of working rights and a quick photo. You will then be taken to your pre-booked interview room, as you shouldn't be waiting in a reception area. No matter where you live, the recruitment market can be a very small place, and you can't take the risk of coming face to face with one of your colleagues or even your manager (it has happened). Your privacy should be a priority. Your consultant will introduce themselves, and then your interview will commence. It's important you tell your consultant when you need to get back to the office if you have a restricted amount of time. The interview, as you would be aware, is your opportunity to really flesh out your background and experience and for you to gain as much information about the specific role and other opportunities as possible. If you have time, it is also likely that you will be introduced to other consultants, who may have details of these other opportunities, or if no roles are available at the time of your interview, they can have a firsthand account of you and your background for the next suitable role. Once completed, your consultant will walk you to the door/lift and discuss ongoing contact with you. It should all run like clockwork, and you should be out of there in about 45 minutes to one hour, time permitting, of course.

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