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5 Things You Should Never Do in a Job Interview

Kim Padmore Posted by Kim
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Interviewing for a new role? We've all seen the tips on what to do in your interview, but here a few things to avoid:

Arriving late

If you can't be punctual to an interview, what does that say about your reliability if you secure the job? How does that reflect your level of interest? Allow for traffic, give yourself time to find the location and catch the earlier train. Conversely, don't arrive any more than five minutes before your appointment. Show the interviewer that you value their time and appreciate that they can't drop everything to see you early.

Not dressing appropriately

Dressing too casually can appear as if you aren't taking the job or the interview seriously. First impressions are important, so make sure you are dressed to match the company and job in which you are interested. For most interviews, a matching suit will be best; however, you need to reflect the environment for which you are interviewing.

Speaking negatively

For many of us, we are looking for a new position because we are unhappy in our current job. Don't criticise any past or current employers, bosses or colleagues. Instead, put a positive spin on things and communicate what you have gained or learnt.

Over answering

You want to make sure you are providing adequate detail on your experience, the responsibilities that you have had and what you have achieved. However, you also shouldn't over answer. Stick to the question and make sure you don't go off on tangents.

Asking about salary or benefits

An interview is your chance to demonstrate how you can add value and show what you can bring to the business. Raising the topics of salary and benefits only show what's in it for you. Leave this to be discussed at a later stage or when you receive the job offer.