people2people Celebrates Annual Longevity Lunch

Posted by John
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Alasdair Elmes Ul Hx Wq8reao Unsplash

Success can be measured in many different ways. At people2people, we measure our success on the tenure and longevity of 'our' people. It cannot be overstated how the value of the intellectual capital built up over many years contributes to the ongoing strength and success of our business. At what is now an annual event, we celebrate and thank most sincerely those who have dedicated in excess of five years of their hard work to people2people’s ongoing success. In 2014, we enjoyed celebrating our Longevity Lunch at The Bentley Restaurant + Bar in Sydney with 14 attendees. What is even more pleasing is that every attendee from the 2013 event was also present. 

In 2015, we look forward to an additional four people joining our Longevity Lunch. Congratulations to you all.