Introducing the Latest Winners in people2people's Footy Tipping Competition

Posted by John
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It's been an exciting rugby league season, and our annual p2p Footy Tipping Competition is heating up. Almost 700 NRL fans have been vying for a chance at grand final tickets, flight vouchers or a tablet, along with weekly opportunities to win movie tickets or a bottle of wine. We featured our previous weekly winners here and here. Here's a look at our recent footy tipping experts and their winning strategies.

Julita Dela Cruz - people2people Footy Tipping winner

After winning our Oscars competition, Julita Dela Cruz is on a lucky streak and also won two movie tickets for being the top footy tipper of the week.  Julita was guided buy her colleague Raj on which team to tip, as he is a keen follower of the NRL.

Amanda Bowers, people2people Footy Tipping winner

Amanda Bowers' winning strategy was studying NRL scores to make her picks, occasionally picking her favourites, as well as keeping in mind which teams had fewer players away for State of Origin. Enjoy your movie, Amanda!

Gerard Walz - people2people Footy Tipping winner

Gerard Walz has been an active participant in the p2p footy tipping competition since its inception (he even came close to winning it one year) but until recently had yet to collect a prize of any sort. That all changed in round 13. Enjoy the movies!

Tony de Vries - people2people Footy Tipping winner

Coming 161st in the competition, Tony de Vries was genuinely surprised to be the weekly winner. He graciously opted for the two movie tickets, which will give him well deserved down time during his busy year end commitments. Well done, Tony. Everyone will be watching your progress!

Rebecca Gunn - people2people Footy Tipping winner

Putting aside all the recent drama, Shire girl Rebecca Gunn is a dedicated Sharks fan. As a regular participant in the p2p footy tipping competition, Rebecca was pleasantly surprised to finally win a weekly prize! Enjoy the bubbles! Congratulations to these weekly winners, and good luck to all of our participants!