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Ask Manda: Meeting with Multiple Recruiters

Manda Milling Posted by Manda
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When I come in for an interview with a recruitment consultant, I was told I may end up meeting a lot of people. Why is that? 

Lucky you! (And I am not being facetious!) When you come in for your interview, you will have your one-to-one interview with your 'primary consultant'. As you would be aware, this is when your background will be expanded upon, your objectives noted, salary expectations explained and a discussion about your general skills and abilities. So far so good. I would also imagine that you have a limited amount of time to come into the recruiter's office. After all, your time is precious. It will soon become apparent how marketable you and your skills are, and, as a result, your consultant will want you to meet a select number of their colleagues who are best placed to assist you with your job search. One consultant may not have all the appropriate positions to interest you. 

However, as you have made time to come into their office, it's in your best interests to market yourself to as many recruitment consultants in as short a time frame as is possible (and you have time for). It will be a lot more meaningful for you to be briefed about new positions in person. In addition, a lot of hiring companies request that the recruitment consultant specifically briefed on their vacancy meet the shortlisted applicants in person. This will save you a lot of time from having to return to the office on more than one occasion.

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