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Ms/Mr Client, Please Give Me a Brief!

Posted by Jordan
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There's nothing more frustrating, daunting and inconvenient than a sudden vacancy in your team. No doubt some can be a relief, but running your business when it's understaffed is just not good for you or your business. Engaging an external recruiter who works inside the job market every day is a fantastic way to ease you of this additional work. However, it is absolutely crucial that the initial engagement is a considered one. A good hire through an external recruiter all comes back to the first conversation you have with your chosen consultant. If you don’t do this thoroughly, your problem(s) could have just multiplied. Here are four points to follow when giving an external recruiter a job brief:

1. Detail 

Be thorough. The more information you can provide your consultant about the role and your company, the increased likelihood of sourcing your new star employee. Don’t panic – you may not realise you already have all the information. A proficient consultant will have a detailed list of questions to ensure they ask you for the right amount of information. All you need to do is make a small window in your busy schedule and be patient when answering your consultant's questions. Taking an extra ten minutes at the start of the recruitment process will have a massive impact on both your experience and the end result.

2. How flexible can you be?

As in life, dream big, but be prepared to compromise. It's all well and good having a wish list, but, depending on your needs and the urgency of your problem(s), you need to be ready to compromise on some non-essential requirements. I want to be a professional surfer, but, in reality, I only surf on weekends because it's all I can get right now.

3. The advantage of exclusivity

From one angle, briefing several recruiters may seem like a good idea. In reality, though, your vacancy becomes the finish line for one of the fastest races on earth. There's no creature more competitive than a consultant who knows they're in competition. This results in you receiving more referrals than you know what to do with, and, worse still, the genuine quality of both the service and the candidate you're paying for are replaced by a 'They’ll do,' 'Just get names across' debacle. Your initial problem may even be worse than when you started the process. It’s like anything – if you write an essay the night before it’s due, it's never going to be as good as one you've spent days researching for, drafting and editing to perfection.

4. Communicate

Nothing kills a hiring process more painfully than one without clear and open communication. Answer your phone, return calls and emails, and give feedback promptly. In our world, no news is good news. There's nothing worse than being left to make assumptions. Remember, the key to a good hire using an external recruiter all comes down to the initial brief you give your consultant. Time (just ten minutes) and effort here will make all the difference. Communication throughout the process is essential. Every job brief we receive requires strong communication skills from the successful candidate, yet some hiring managers and recruitment consultants can be extremely poor communicators in practice. None of us want to be in the position where our company's brand is questioned through a lack of communication.