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How to Write a Cover Letter That Will Land You Your Dream Job

Posted by John
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Want to find that perfect job? With the competition in the job market, Sydney in particular, you know you need to stand out from the crowd. What better way to display your personality than with a creative cover letter? These five simple tips are here to assist you: 

1. Outline your past, present and future. The easiest structure for the perfect cover letter (or at least a good place to start) is three paragraphs detailing your past, present and future. Start with the relevant experience you have gained, the experience you are currently developing, and why you want to take your next step into this new role. 

2. Keep it short and sweet. If you're sending your details to human resources, it's not uncommon for them to review hundreds of resumes each week. If you are an accountant and making contact with the finance director of your ideal company, ensure to entice the finance director to call you! Which brings me to my next tip…. 

3. Choose your audience. As an experienced accounting recruiter, for the roles I recruit, what is most relevant are your systems and industry experience, together with your qualifications.  Conversely, if you are applying for more creative/graphic design positions, you'll want to show off your flare and attract the attention of your innovative peers. 

4. Don’t be negative. You want your future employer to have the best first impression possible, so please don't criticise your current or past employers (even if it may be warranted!). Include only the positive highlights and what you have gained from the experience. 

5. And last but not least... Conclude your cover letter with the specific reasons why you want this job. You shouldn't use a universal cover letter. For every position you apply for, make sure it’s targeted at the hiring manager of your dream role with your dream company.