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14 Vital Job Seeking Tips for Graduates Entering the Workforce

Posted by Alice
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Are you a recent graduate trying to enter the workforce to secure your dream role? Below are a few tips that may seem obvious, but you would be amazed how often many of them are not followed. You don't want to ruin your chances of securing that perfect role. 

1. Activate your voicemail. Don't let your mobile ring out. 

2. Ensure that your outgoing voicemail message is clear, concise and something you would be happy for a future potential employer to listen to, e.g. 'Hello. This is Mary. Please leave a message after the tone.' 

3. When answering any incoming calls, make sure you sound friendly, stating your full name, e.g. 'Hello. This is Mary.' If you're in a noisy or inappropriate area, it's best to let your phone go to voicemail and call back later, as your first impression on the phone can be very important. 

4. Ensure that your resume is completely up to date and does not contain any typos. Once you have checked your resume, check it again, and once you have done that, check it again! 

5. Change all your social media settings to private. 

6. Always arrive on time, if not early, to an interview. If you are thirty minutes early, go for a coffee somewhere, but never arrive late! 

7. If you cannot make it to the interview for whatever reason, call ahead. Never email or make no contact. Failing to communicate will put you at a disadvantage before you even get started. You don't want to give the interviewer the impression that you waste or disrespect other people's time. 

8. Keep track of the role for which you have applied. Recruiters and hiring companies advertise for a LOT of roles. It's your job search, so if you have applied for the role, you should know the role. 

9. When you attend your interview, whether it's with a recruiter or a hiring manager, ensure that you are dressed appropriately, in a tailored shirt, tailored suit jacket and a smart skirt or pants, with heels (not too high) for women or a tie for men. 

10. Take out all piercings, cover up any tattoos and ensure you are well groomed, e.g. tidy and neat hair and no chipped nail polish or zany colours. 

11. When you meet with the interviewer, ensure you have a good, firm handshake and that you stand up and greet them with a smile. This may sound obvious, but, due to nerves, this can be forgotten in the moment. 

12. During the interview, make sure you speak slowly and clearly and with lots of eye contact. 

13. Before you meet with the interviewer,  be proactive and do some research online about who you are meeting and the company you are applying for. It demonstrates how much you want the role. 

14. Remember that first impressions count.