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'Do You Have Any Questions For Me?' How to Nail the End of an Interview

Posted by John
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You've done it! You've made it through your forty-minute interview without a hitch! You’ve talked through your CV, the dreaded competency based questions have been and gone and your potential new employer has you excited and interested about your possible new job! So what's next? Relax? Sit back and picture yourself in your new office? Not quite yet. Next comes the part of the interview that catches out so many candidates: ‘Do you have any questions for me?’ Panic sets in, you’re thinking, 'No, I don’t have any questions; everything has been answered already, and I've done so much research about the company that I have nothing to add.' Wrong! This is the perfect chance to show your potential new employer that you are engaged and interested in the role, the company and them. Remember, people love talking about themselves, so ask them! Make the interview more of a conversation than a one-way interrogation. A few questions to throw their way include:

  • How long have you been with the business?

  • What do you like about working with this company, and why did you join?

  • What is the culture like here?

If you don’t feel like it is the right atmosphere to ask about the interviewer's personal perspective, keep the questions more general and about the company.

  • How is business tracking for the company at the moment?

  • Are there any exciting projects or changes coming up for the business in the next twelve months?

You don't need to have a long list prepared, but have at least one or two questions up your sleeve that you can ask when this part of this interview arrives.  And then, once all is said and done, the handshakes are complete and you have successfully manoeuvred out of the interview room without tripping over your chair leg (something that I used to struggle with!), then… relax.