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Ask Manda: What Qualities Are Employers Looking For?

Manda Milling Posted by Manda
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I am a receptionist and have been with a small business in the southern suburbs of Sydney for over 3 years. I am now looking for a break into the bigger CBD firms. What skill set is desired by these companies? 

You are off to a great start! Having worked with the same firm for over three years tells prospective employers that you are a 'stayer', and they will be willing to put the time and effort into developing and training you because of it. No one ahould ever under estimate the value of having a stable working history. Of course, the length of tenure in any role in the 21st century is very different to when our parents started their working lives, and there is no such thing as a 'job for life' any longer. However, changing permanent jobs each year is not viewed favourably by prospective employers. 

Corporate presentation, articulate communication and a positive approach to your work are all vital. Technically, you should have some recent testing results to show your typing speed (approx 50 words per minute or higher) and level of MS Office (2010 or higher, ideally). Have some specific work examples of your organisational ability, and count up the number of people you speak with daily. It's good to include the little extras that you have initiated to enable your office to run smoothly. Employers will always trade off some skills for the right person with the right attitude.

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