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Ask Manda: Do Interests Belong on a Resume?

Manda Milling Posted by Manda
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Should I include my interests on my resume?

Your interests are a relevant part of your resume. Remember, your resume isn't just a Word document; it's a snapshot of you as a living, breathing person. Too often, when we take a job brief, the hiring manager will spend about 99% of the time talking about the behaviours and type of person who would best fit into their team, only to then base their interviewing decisions on a list of skills. I am reminded of this all the time. 

Of course, your ability to do the job is vitally important; however, a good recruiter will paint a picture of you as a person so that the hiring manager can then imagine you working in their team. By including about three interests, you are showing a bit of your personality on paper and, more importantly, demonstrating how you recharge after a busy working day. Your interests can also be a great conversation starter, and your interviewer or hiring manager may even share some of them, as a bonus. I would just advise you against having a list of your interests that is actually longer than your working experience! 

One other thing: please don't list 'reading' (predictable) and 'shopping' (really?) under your interests. As for 'going to the beach' (yes, this is an actual example), I would imagine this will be your manager's first thought when you call in sick.

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