Job Hunting Tips

Think Getting a Job Is a Numbers Game? Wrong.

Posted by John
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You can apply for as many jobs as you like, but doing so won’t guarantee you success in finding a job. You need to be targeted in your approach and clinical in your execution, especially when you are applying through a third party, such as a recruitment agency. Recruiters (well, good recruiters) don’t flick any old resume to their clients, just as good candidates don't just apply for any old job. If you’re a qualified accountant who is willing to 'paint a fence' (as a candidate once told me), then I suggest you walk around your neighbourhood until you find a fence that needs painting. As a specialist temporary and contract recruiter of accounting and finance professionals, I want to work with accountants, not painters. 

When applying for a role through a recruitment agency, you need to apply a tactical approach to your application with respect to why you should be considered for this particular role. First, so you don’t waste your time, and second, so you don’t waste your recruiter's time. Read the advertisement in full and then read it again. Match your skills, background, systems experience and other relevant attributes to what is stated in the ad (and remember, these are the skills the hiring company requires). If you can tick off at least 80% of what is stated as a requirement, then you should proceed with your application, attaching your resume that highlights your relevant experience.

Agencies have a record of every application you've made to them, and with one quick look, recruiters can see whether you’re taking your job applications seriously or not. If you state in your resume that you pride yourself on taking a strategic approach and have strong attention to detail and you've applied for a hundred jobs, ranging from management accountant to legal secretary, and have spelling or grammatical mistakes, you aren't providing the recruiter with a lot of confidence. The worst thing about applying for the wrong role is that, whether you realise it or not, you’re wasting your precious time – and, more importantly, your emotional energy – on something that doesn't reflect well on you or your experience. Do yourself a favour and think about every application carefully before applying. If you’re unsure, call the consultant and have a chat before doing so!