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Ask Manda: Social Media Distractions in the Workplace

Manda Milling Posted by Manda
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My staff seem to be on Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media. I want to block their access; however, I understand that social networking is a critical aspect to business and the new generation of employees. Do you have any ideas I can use? 

This has been a dilemma for many managers and business owners. These same concerns were raised when the internet initially appeared, and, like any new novelty, the fascination died down and its overuse subsided. What has emerged is that social media has become an accepted means of not only social but also business communication. It is a quick and easy method of getting your brand and message 'out there'. However, it is a beast that requires constant feeding, in the form of ongoing, appropriate business content, being kept up to date, and the timely acknowledgement and reply of posted comments. At people2people, we have taken the approach to embrace and use social media to promote our services, working with it and not against it. 

Blocking these sites will create more interest and maybe resentment in your team. You will find that you have very tech savvy workers, and the use of business networking sites, such as Linkedin, may work to the benefit of your organisation. If you don’t have a social networking policy in your organisation, you need to get one now. A policy will set out your organisation's expectations regarding the appropriate use and content of social media. The policy must also be explained to them. Any form of behaviour that distracts your team members from carrying out their work effectively or is a distraction to others working productively needs to be stopped, irrespective of whether it's in the form of social media or not.

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