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Ask Manda: Recruitment Referral Programs

Manda Milling Posted by Manda
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I've heard that some recruitment companies have referral programs. How can I know if they do? 

Referral programs have always been available in one form or another during my working life in recruitment, all the way back to the dark ages prior to social media. Good people refer good people, so it's always of great benefit to any business. It's particularly beneficial to the recruitment industry and to employers in general, who can tap into a network of people who aren't generally available on the open market. In fact, the company for which you work now could have its own referral scheme. 

No matter what the employment market conditions are like, the old cliché, 'Good people are hard to find,' will always be a truism. However, in my experience, if a person has had a great experience with their employer or their recruitment consultant, they will want to refer people to allow others to enjoy the same experience, irrespective of a financial incentive. A good referral is a reflection of your good judgement and will only enhance your reputation in your company or the market. I have never experienced a referral of someone who is not up to the job just because there was a financial incentive available. 

For any type of referral program to be effective, it must be communicated and promoted regularly, the guidelines need to be clearly stated, and the process should be straightforward and easy to follow. So, the answer to your question is please ask, and happy referring!

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