people2people Kicks off Its 2014 Footy Tipping Competition

Posted by John
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people2people has kicked off its ninth annual Footy Tipping Competition, inviting rugby league enthusiasts to make their NRL predictions week after week. With over 650 competitors, we're offering a trip for two to the NRL Grand Final, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and $200 flight vouchers, as well as weekly wine and movie tickets, to our best tippers. After three weeks of NRL matches, great predictions from our participants and shocking upsets, we highlight the first of our weekly Footy Tipping winners.

Samy Kaci, people2people Footy Tipping Competition 2014

Samy Kaci is certainly no stranger to the p2p Footy Tipping Competition, having entered it last year.  Not only was he a winner in 2013, he managed to win the first round of this season’s competition. When asked his tipping secret, Samy laughed and said, 'There is no secret; I pick my teams randomly and have won twice!' Well done, Samy, and enjoy the movies!

Melinda Sprod, people2people Footy Tipping Competition 2014

The power of saying ‘yes’ to an opportunity. Melinda Sprod from Data Dot Technology was the weekly winner for Round 2. When presented the opportunity to be signed up for the 2014 people2people Footy Tipping Competition, Melinda confessed she knows very little about the game aside from tuning in to her local lads, the Manly Sea Eagles, when convenient, but that didn't stop her having a go. It only took two weeks before Melinda cleaned up the weekly draw to win a bottle of white wine. With over 23 rounds left, Melinda may need to make some room in the fridge!

Silas Dassakis, people2people Footy Tipping Competition 2014

Silas Dassakis from Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation couldn't believe he was our third weekly footy tipping winner. Not only does he not follow rugby league, but he freely admits to having no idea about the different teams. Silas does not have any particular formula for picking winners (he certainly doesn't follow the form guide), and he just picks 'whatever sounds good.' With a big smile, Silas has accepted two movie tickets with our congratulations and has already decided to go and see The Lego Movie. A tip from Silas: always join the tipping competition regardless of knowledge. You just never know. Congratulations to our winners, and good luck to all of our participants in upcoming weeks!