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Ask Manda: Embellishing Resumes


by Manda Milling

about 5 years ago


When putting my job descriptions in my resume, can I make them more interesting than they actually are? How much detail should I give? 

Embellishing or overstating the details of your jobs and making them ‘interesting’ could, in fact, be construed as misleading or even deceptive (even though that may not even be your intention). A job description is a factual account of your responsibilities. Boring or tedious to you may actually be very interesting to your potential employer! More commonly, resumes have little or no detail, and it’s hard to work out the level of experience of the job applicant. However, the answer is not to then overcompensate by overstating your experience. 

Have about ten bullet points as a guide (avoid writing essays, they are harder and take longer to read), and provide some explanatory descriptions and examples. For example, ‘monthly reporting’ can mean anything. Your job description will be required to be supported by your referee, so it’s best to stick to the facts!

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