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A Simple Guide to Hiring the Absolute Best Person for the Job

Mark Smith Posted by Mark
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Hiring your first staff member? It’s  a big step in your career or in the development of your start-up company when you are in a position to hire a staff member who will be reporting to you. It’s an exciting development that is fraught with danger, because making the wrong decision can lead to anxiety and angst alongside increased costs, with no improvement in productivity. Indeed, many wrong decisions have made things worse rather than improve the lot of new managers. Many new hiring managers are unconsciously incompetent –  they don’t know what they don’t know, so here are a few tips to increase your competency.

Assume nothing!

Just because it’s on the CV or someone’s Linkedin profile does not make it true. It's best to test what is actually said. A good example would be education. Find out if the stated course has been completed and when. Do they have a copy of transcripts?

It’s more than just skills or liking someone.

The trap for many first timers is to hire the person you like or someone who seems to have all of the skills on ‘paper’. The best person obviously is both someone you like and who has the skills, but don’t rule people out if not all the boxes are ticked. Remember, skills can be taught, and how well do you really get to know someone in 40 minutes? It is an important point, however, to invest some time in getting to know someone. Use the interests listed on their CV to open a discussion, e.g. I noticed that you enjoy rugby. Do you play? Similarly, it’s good practice to share some personal information about yourself, as you could be spending a lot of time together!

Invest some time.

Ten minutes is not going to cut it. Of course you are busy, but investing time into the interview will pay off very well. You should also invest time in preparation. That involves having a job specification and taking time to read the CV. Remember, this is also the opportunity for the prospective staff member to assess whether they want to work with you, so your preparation will help you sell your opportunity – and it is a 'sell'. You should have a list of the benefits of the role and use them in your conversation. Benefits are everything from financial to non-financial included in the package, as well as intangible benefits, such as career progression or exposure to new systems. Good luck! If you need any advice, feel free to contact us here at people2people. We offer free interviewing tips for any hiring manager.