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Ask Manda: Is Now a Good Time for Job Hunting?

Manda MillingPosted by Manda
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I am not happy in my current position, but due to the recent job losses, I am not sure about leaving and working for a new company. I don't think my job will be as secure if I do. Would now be a good time to start looking elsewhere for work? 

Would moving to a new company resolve your situation? One of the benefits of the prolonged economic confidence we have all enjoyed has been the ease with which people can move from job to job. Whilst this confidence provides people with terrific career options, we have also seen people move unnecessarily and prematurely, and they have later come to regret their move. The extended time involved to move jobs in this less active market gives people the opportunity to assess why they really want to move, and a lot of people actually decide to stay in their current role. Of course, there are specific industries that are experiencing challenging times, and, in some cases, the changes will become permanent. 

However, we are also recruiting for companies in new and emerging industries, which are in high growth phases and hence have a higher recruitment demand. If you still want to leave, be careful you don't make the same mistake again. Take your time and be thorough. It will pay off. Whilst it’s expected you don’t have a 'job for life' anymore, a stable working history will always be in demand.

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