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Ask Manda: Colleague with a Short Fuse

Manda Milling Posted by Manda
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I have a colleague in my team who seems to have a very short fuse. Barely a day goes by without him shouting and causing a commotion. What can I do about this?
Any person or any situation that makes the working environment uncomfortable is unacceptable, whatever the reason. I would imagine this person's behaviour affects other teammates and not just you. Why has this been allowed to continue? Ideally, you should raise your concerns with this colleague directly (always the first step). You should let them know that their behaviour makes you feel uncomfortable. If you are nervous about taking this step, then you must escalate it to your manager or human resources, depending on the protocols of your workplace. Your manager should be made aware of this situation immediately. In some cases, people only display their ‘short fuse’ when a manager is not present. To be generous to this person, they may be having personal issues outside work that they are bringing into the workplace. Whilst still unacceptable, it may give an insight into why this behaviour is occurring. Until this situation is resolved, your work and those of your colleagues in your team will suffer. Employers and managers have a duty to provide a happy and safe working environment.

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