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6 Things to Do before You Begin Your Job Search

Kim Padmore Posted by Kim
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It's surprising how often I meet with candidates who have just started their job search and haven't taken the time to consider what it is that they are looking for, what companies they would like to work for or what they would like to get out of their next opportunity. Here are a few points to help you prepare before you begin your search:

  1. Create a professional email address - There's nothing worse than sending out an application and having your prospective employer/recruiter emailing you at Do yourself a favour and create a new account with just your name, e.g.

  2. Clean up your social media - Employers will often Google your name or look you up on Facebook/Twitter. Make your accounts private; you don't want to be the one who misses out on an opportunity because of ‘inappropriate’ party photos. Here are 9 ways to clean up your social media for job seeking.

  3. Voicemail - Make sure you have a voicemail set up – and not one that plays a song, a joke or has your friends laughing in the background. Keep it simple and include your name.

  4. Tidy up your resume - Include all of your employment history in reverse chronological order; i.e. from your most recent position backwards. Include dates, your position, duties and responsibilities, contact details and ensure you run a spell check. See further tips about CV-writing here.

  5. Have an idea of where you want to work - Consider what types of industries you'd like to work for, what's important to you in your next role, and what your goals and salary expectations are.

  6. Prepare yourself for phone screens and interviews – Think about relevant examples to illustrate your experience and be prepared for behavioural-based interviewing techniques. What can you bring to your next role? What have you achieved in your past and present roles?

Consider these quick tips and you'll be ahead of the pack before you've even started!