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The Double Life: 4 Irresistible Reasons to Work While Studying

Posted by John
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Working a 38-hour week is generally stressful and draining enough for most people, and, come Friday, they relax, have a wine or two and let the weekend begin. However, there are others for whom the working week does not stop on a Friday – it only just begins! These people are full-time employees by day and students by night, which, for many, truly pays off.

Here are four reasons to maximise your potential and get the most out of your time by working while studying:

  1. Financial implications: With the increasing costs of education, working full time while studying by correspondence allows you to afford the cost of living without racking up massive debts. Studying full time and attending a campus for tutorials and lectures takes up approximately 2 to 3 full days per week, but distance learning can give you the chance to work full time and earn while you study.

  2. Career advancement: Working as a student can have rewarding benefits, especially if you want to develop your career. Studying part time can develop your skill set, which you can then apply in your work place. A win-win for you and your employer!

  3. Employer support: Another great opportunity to study whilst working is when you have the full support of your employer from both a financial and morale perspective. Your employer may even require you to complete study to continue in your role, with that study usually related to your work. Take advantage of this opportunity 

  4. Self improvement: You may choose to study and work simultaneously simply to prove to yourself that you can do it. It’s not easy, and at times you may feel like you are being ‘pulled in different directions’, but there is no better motivation in life than to achieve what you thought was impossible.

Being a full time employee and student can certainly prove challenging but is also well worth the effort. Read on for tips on how to maintain a healthy work, study, and life balance.