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Blurred Lines: Are You Too Connected?

Shannon Barlow Posted by Shannon
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I received a voicemail on my mobile today from a recruiter promoting a candidate.  It annoyed me.  Not because she was trying to sell her candidate, that’s her job; it was because she had called me directly on my mobile instead of trying to reach me on the office phone.  Now maybe I’m being old fashioned, but I feel like my mobile should be a backup if you’re calling me for business, not the first number you dial.  

But is that just me trying to control my environment, trying to categorise my mobile as ‘personal’? As I started muttering about cheeky salespeople, it occurred to me that maybe she wasn't in the wrong – maybe it’s more about me trying to hold on to a piece of personal space. With the rise of the smart phone, apps and social media, you can switch into work mode any time, any place.  But what about the drawbacks of being accessible 24/7?  

Just from my phone, I can access our CRM, answer emails, check applications and instant message anyone in the company.  But when work starts encroaching into my home life, maybe it makes sense to want to have clear boundaries.  We talk about wanting work/life balance, but how do you achieve that balance when the line between work and personal life is becoming increasingly blurred? So do I have the right to be annoyed about the odd business call to my mobile, or am I missing the bigger picture and instead should be making sure my work doesn't take over my personal life?