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What Is the Best Job in the World for You?

Posted by Chris
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I was talking with creative icon Bruce Matchett in Singapore about making sure we don’t waste the opportunity to do something every day we really love doing. Then he asked me a question I have been thinking about ever since. Here it is. Bet it’s the toughest you've been asked in a while. I like Sir Ken Robinson’s concept about working in your element...doing every day what you love and are really good at. If you can work in your element, says Sir Ken, you will never work another day in your life. Instead, you’ll be fully energized and having the time of your life! 

Now, I posed this question in a recent blog post: “What would you do now if you knew you could not fail?” And it was this question that Bruce countered with an even more powerful thought. Bruce’s question forces us to get very clear on what we really, really want to do every day. It is similar to my previous ask, but sharper, better. Here it is. Give it a go. 

If every job in the world paid $50,000 and you could do any job you wanted, what job would you do? 

Wow. Now that’s a question! I have, by most standards, a well-paid job. But my role comes with enormous pressure, sacrifice and compromise. There is a real price to pay. I feel it most days. My family feels it. Would I do it if this role paid a flat $50,000 and if every other job in the world paid the same amount? No way would I do it! So then, what would I do? That’s the question that has really plagued me. What would I really love to do, every day… if I knew it would pay me $50,000 and every other role in the world paid the same too. 

So, I want to ask you these two questions: If every job in the world paid $50,000 and you could do any job you wanted, what would you do? Would you keep doing the job you’re doing now, because you are in your "element" and you just love it, or would you do something completely different? For me, as I became clear on the job I’d want to do, because I’d LOVE it, I then began to think about how I could build my capability in that area and how perhaps I could actually make it work too from my financial needs perspective. Not there yet, but maybe it is something I could evolve into as my circumstances change over the next few years. 

How about for you? My option if I could select any job I wanted and could do this in a world where every single role, whether rock star, Google CEO or car cleaner pays $50,000 a year? An artist. Something intensely creative. (By the way, in a guest post on another blog I recently asked the same question and answered it with"‘landscape gardener," but I have now changed my mind.) I've shown you mine, now you show me yours. This post originally appeared on Wrestling Possums.